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Working with world cup teams in both the Downhill and Enduro circuit over the past three seasons, we have taken feedback from the fastest riders in the world to create a line of inserts specifically designed for use between the tape.

We adjusted our Pro and Original V2 designs based on feedback from Commencal Muc-Off, YT Mob, Mondraker Factory and Nukeproof (rip) and produced the Race Edition at their request. To celebrate these team's race winning and podium success whilst using the inserts, we are releasing the Race Edition in limited batches.

Race Edition isn't designed with the standard rider in mind; if you want a class leading insert for everyday usage, check out our V2 range here. 

Race Edition is made specifically for racers who focus on marginal gains; it's designed to enhance a race weekend, but nothing more.  

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Less rotational weight.

 Our inserts already offer one of the best weight to protection ratios available, but we know that when racing at the highest level every gram counts.


We’ve decreased the weight by 27% to ensure minimum weight penalty when choosing between tubless and tubless with insert. Our Race Edition Inserts are the perfect way to add the benefits of an insert to your set up with minimal weight penalty.

Pro V2 Race Edition 5 WB_edited.png

Race Edition. Looks similar but takes up 25% less volume in your tyre. Perfect for use with stiff DH casing tyres that already have tons of support without creating a too harsh and heavy ride.

Our Regular PRO V2 Insert. Looking

for a fit and forget insert that focuses 

on durability as well as performance? PRO V2 is for you. 

Let the tyre do the talking.

Race Edition Inserts feature a lower profile than any MTB insert we've offered before. Still big enough to provide damping and support to the tyre, but with a larger ratio of air retained in the tubeless set up. The result is a less transformative ride but retaining a number of the traits that make riders trust Rimpact.

A more voluminous insert can change the characteristics of a tubeless tyre. Whilst we feel these changes are all positive, when running DH casing and high pressures for greater rolling speed and support, the responsibilites of the insert can shift to other key areas.


As such, Race Edition inserts are great to pair with heavy DH tyres that already have stiff sidewalls but intrinsically cannot provide benefits that inserts can. The lower profile of the insert still provides sidewall support and helps prevents burping. Race Edition offers run flat capability and damping against energy sapping vibration.

Reliable impact protection. 

Whilst our Race Edition inserts have gone on a significant diet, they still offer 90% of the impact protection that is offered by our 'Best in Test' Pro and Original inserts, and can be used as a viable run flat in the case of a puncture to get to the finish line.

Pro V2 Race Edition 7.png

PRO layer

What does it do?

Once energy is applied, (think sharp rock impact), the material stiffens and dissipated force across both its surface and the surface of the Rimpact ORIGINAL foam below. This allows us to pack in as much performance as possible without the insert having a harsh ride quality.


Quicker pitstops.

The lower profile makes last minute fitting in the event of a wheel or tyre swap between race runs much easier. Likewise in the event of a puncture in a multistage race, the insert can be ridden to end of the stage and easily removed and stashed away for fitting at the end of the day.


Two ways

to race.

Adapted from our World Cup winning Pro and Original V2 inserts,

Race Edition inserts are available in two different options. 

Ultra lightweight single density insert

Intended use- gravity racing, perfect front wheel protection

Provides rim and pinch puncture protection

Acts as run flat in puncture situations 

Easy fitting and removal

Weight-80g 29," 75g 27.5"

Original RE logo updated.png
Original V2 1.png
pro race edtion logo updated.png

Extra protective dual density insert whilst remaining lightweight

Intended use- gravity racing

Greater impact protection and sidewall support. 

A run flat for puncture situations

Easy fitting and removal

Weight- 130g 29", 125g 27.5"

Pro Race Edition
                     vs Pro V2 

Race Edition Comparison

Compared with our Pro V2, the Race Edition offers most of the same benefits whilst improving on others. 

Depending on your personal requirements, the Race Edition may fit the bill, where as for others the Pro V2 may still be the favourite due to it's larger cross section. 

Race Edition offers low weight, good run flat capability, and great protection.

Pro V2 offers a long lasting insert, great protection levels, fantastic runflat capability and a controlled tyre with a damped ride.

comparison graph.jpg


Can I use these inserts for everyday riding?


You certainly can; if you are after an insert which offers less rolling weight and aren't as concerned about wheel and tyre longevity, this is a great option to consider.  

Are they ebike compatible?

For ebike use we still recommend to go with our PRO V2 or EDH inserts if size appropriate.


Do I need to change out my current Rimpact inserts to go racing? 

Absolutely not! Our "regular" inserts have been raced the top step of the Downhill and Enduro circuit podiums.

I am looking to run Race Edition inserts on both wheels, can I buy a set?

For now Race Edition is a limited batch run, and as a result it is only available in single inserts.

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